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How To Play

The yacht dice game can be played by one player but is more fun against at least one other player or against the computer.

It is played using five six-sided dice and the goal is to score a higher total number of points than your opponents.

You start your turn by rolling all the dice. You either bank a set of points (see below) or reroll as many of the dice as you wish. To only reroll some of your dice click on the dice that you wish to keep so that the anchor appears and then click the Roll button. You can roll up to three times per turn.

If a player is not able to bank a set of points they must bank a set of zero points.

After 13 turns the player with the highest score wins.


The points for different types of rolls are:

OnesTotal points of all ones rolledUp to 5
TwosTotal points of all twos rolledUp to 10
ThreesTotal points of all threes rolledUp to 15
FoursTotal points of all fours rolledUp to 20
FivesTotal points of all fives rolledUp to 25
SixesTotal points of all sixes rolledUp to 30
BonusThree of each number of dimples25
Three of a KindThree dice of the same valueUp to 18
Four of a KindCan also be five of a kind if wishUp to 30
Small StraightSequence of 4 numbers25
Big StraightSequence of 5 numbers30
Full HouseThree of a kind and a pairUp to 28
YachtFive of a kind50
Player's ChoiceAdd points of all diceUp to 30